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As video marketers, Jessica and I decided to have fun one weekend and turn tables by creating a fiverr gig. We did not expect to have anywhere near the response rate we received. Within 24 hours we each had several gigs lined up waiting for the $5 service. I soon had to suspend the offer due to overload.

Take a look at the stats below from this gig alone. There was 210 thousand impressions, 194 clicks from the impressions and 236 page views. In my opinion, these are better results than any other social media application.

This is an easy way to create inbound leads using video through fiverr. The only downfall is that you must produce what is offered for the $5. Many people will try to capitalize on the low cost. It is your responsibility as the artist to have high expectations from your customer upfront. Remember that communication is key!

I suggest all clients to fill out a “Questionnaire” form to better understand the needs. It’s important to clearly identify and communicate the “add-ons” offered otherwise the prospect can get confused. It’s best to find a happy medium and potentially streamline the overall production process.

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