Lindsey Vonn 2014 Olympics

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We bring very sad news because Ski Racer, “Lindsey Vonn” suffered from an injury to her right knee and she has been told by doctors that she will need surgery soon because her current condition cannot allow for any kind of competitive performance. A lot of high expectations had built up in regards to Lindsey and her participation in the Sochi Olympic Games.

The Skier from Minnesota won the overall world cup 3 consecutive years between 2008 and 2010. She has become a huge celebrity in the ski community and she has been sponsored by very important brands for gear and energy drinks amongst others. There is a public message on her Facebook stating that she is devastated about not being able to compete in the Sochi Olympics but her knee is too unstable to be competing with it. It’s safe to say that she is the most successful American skier in the history of the sport. All of her teammates know just how difficult it will be for anyone to fill her shoes for the rest of the year. Her determination to recover fast was truly remarkable but the doctors have told her she needs to have a surgical procedure done in order to be back at 100% of her abilities.

Lindsey Vonn is a great example for young people who want to become professional athletes and we are sure that she will be back soon to bring more exciting moments to the sport. This is the kind of setbacks that really build the character of professional athletes and they always come back stronger than ever when they are faced with hardship. The fans are all hoping for a fast recovery. We are sure that there are many important moments in this accomplished athlete’s career that have yet to be witnessed by the fans of this sport.

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