Real Estate Video Marketing

Real estate video marketing

In current time, selling goes beyond making an offer. The offer is becoming a display of your true “why” and “why you do what you do”. For decades the Real Estate industry has experiences highs and lows with changes in the economy. Every single year you will see shifts in the market especially with seasonal change to factor in. Using Real Estate video marketing to help promote your Real Estate Team is one of the best methods in modern time.

Above you will see a creative example piece we created for a recent client “The Miller Team” located out of Plymouth, Michigan. Jason Miller and his team did an outstanding job being able to collaborate on this project and deliver a message that is so powerful when trying to persuade a buyer or seller. To be honest, if we’re looking for a home in the area the first thing we would do is google search “Michigan Real Estate” “Michigan Realor” ,  “Real Estate Agent in Michigan”.

It’s important to know how to market yourself on youtube especially when 70-80% of searches are resulting with video options. Google’s merger with Youtube only makes it easier to post your content with the relevant title & description to help find your video. All in all, Video is becoming the most useful tools in internet marketing strategies and we are so thankful to be apart of it!


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