Sales Video Prep Techniques

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There will always be instances where you end up in front of the camera, either being photographed or being filmed. And it’s worthwhile to learn how to put you at ease in front of the camera. Below is some quick video prep techniques to consider the next time you shoot your video.

Here we discuss some essential tips for making your video shine that will set you fairly in the spotlight:
• Prepare your message/script. What is it you really want to say for this certain video? Narrow it down to no more than 3 points and be sure you know which is the most important.

• Focus. Remember the camera is always the audience. So, if you’re talking directly to the audience, tilt your head up a bit and position the camera a little above your eye level. That’s your focus!

• Have fun. Try to Loosen up and smile, nerves are vile little critters. Nevertheless an inhale and exhale accompanied with a gentle smile can really help you fake it ‘til you make it. Be sure you’re breathing frequently in the course of taping. Please do not hold your breath. Believe me, it will wreak disturbance on your ability to speak and add a great deal of pressure to your mindset. Also, blink once in a while. It’s a natural lubricant for your eyes and will help you stay “bright eyed” – you’ll appear a lot less ‘robotic’, and will give you confidence.

• Watch your body language. A little movement is fine; but unnecessary movement causes you to appear tensed. By all means use your hands. At the same time try and keep them below chest level. Hands can boost strong-willed statements and support nuance in your speaking dynamics, but don’t overuse them. Find a good place for your hands so they aren’t distracting to viewers.

If you’re standing during your taping, watch the rocking back and forth. Try and stand in a relaxed position with your feet about six inches apart, your weight equally distributed and your shoulders relaxed.

• Dress to impress. It is certainly hard to be photogenic if you are dressed in your unclean sweatpants and torn-up footwear. If you know you’re going to get filmed, choose outfits that register well in the video. Neutral tones and muted shades work best because they instantly improve your natural characteristics without distracting from you in a video. No stripes, checks, neon colors or optical illusions in your clothing. No white, red or too much black. Dress appropriately for the occasion and make sure it fits!

• Delivery. This is when you are getting to control your voice and your style of speaking. Add some energy, dynamic and nuance. No monotones allowed. You can add some universal humor (not a joke) – if you make people laugh, they’ll listen better.

• Use your Natural Voice. Be yourself and speak to the camera like it was your best friend. Not only is it more natural, but it’s what audience expects. You want your video to reflect who you are, not other people’s identity.

• Try to consider a media trainer. The rehearsing, practice and ultimate camera performance can be greatly complemented with a coach. A coach or trainer will have the skill and expertise to guide you in the right direction, gives you content suggestions and delivery techniques, and help with the challenging issues you may not determine. The video is out there for everyone to view – invest in making it an excellent one.

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