5 Easy Steps – How to add Videos to Instagram

Among groundbreaking social media marketing opportunities, Instagram’s remarkable growth is turning heads. Countless brands are now heavily using the mobile app to increase their video marketing strategy. This is a quick 5 step tutorial on how to add videos to instagram.

Now, Instagram gets even better as it allows you to upload videos which is perfect for your online video marketing strategy. Videos can be square-cropped however you’d like, and considering that your video clip might be a little too long, you can always trim it down to just the specific portion you’d like to share.


Here are the steps:

1 . You may now notice on Instagram that when you click on the

camera icon, you can see a video icon besides it.


2 . Next, click on the red-colored button and hold it down to

record. Once you release the button, the video pauses, and

then restarts as you hold it again.

Note: You can record up to 15 seconds of video only.

3 . When you are finished recording your video, press “Next” and you can add filters .

Note: Once you recorded a clip which you prefer not to use, simply press the back icon and the last clip recorded will be deleted automatically.

4 . You can apply one of 13 filters to the video.

Press “Next” when you are satisfied with your video.


5.Now you can choose a cover shot for your video. Simply

scroll through the small video still with the blue square at

the bottom and choose one. Press “Next” once more and

you are ready to share your video.

While you can perform the steps above, Instagram also added video functionality to the popular photo-sharing app with several new features which includes the ability to directly import any video from your phone’s gallery and share them with friends in an instant.

Sharing to Social Networks

If you want to set your Instagram app account up to share photos right to your Facebook here are some simple instructions:

  • Click on the “Share Settings” option


  • Click on “Twitter  or Facebook”


  • Click on “Share Photos to”


  • Choose your Facebook Page from the “Choose A Page” list


Now, when you share a photo from Instagram to Facebook, it’ll go straight to the Facebook Page you chose. Same goes with Twitter, Tumbler, Flickr, foursquare, Email. Select  and simply login with your credentials.


Note: If you’ve previously connected your Twitter account to Instagram, it should appear under the “Allow These Apps To Use Your Account” section on the same Twitter page. Make sure the setting is turned on.

If you would like to learn how to stabilize video and then add to instagram, Watch this video below…


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