Our Real Estate Virtual Tour Portfolio is Complete

 It’s about that time to release the good news…

Over the past year we’ve learned how to target the needs of realtors. It boils down to understanding their customers needs. Communication is usually the biggest hurdle throughout any real estate transaction and we understand it most due to personal experience on our end.

Think about if you or a family member wants to sell a personal estate. The amount of work that goes into a single real estate transaction is ridiculous and underestimated at times. Why not try and cut some corners on those communication barriers by using video. It’s pretty simple to be honest. We’ve found that real estate virtual tours are badass for listing presentations and to also eliminate the need for so many damn showings.

“Highlight the main communications that are most important throughout the real estate process.”

After personally talking with over 100+ agents last year we’ve noticed some trends in their needs. A majority of them shared their experiences with video marketing. We also dug deeper to understand their marketing budgets. It’s been fun researching this industry and we only hope to help many others!

Take a sneak peek at the new content we’ve been throwing around town, literally…



Here are a few videos to check out: 

48951 Fox Dr S, Plymouth, MI | Estate Tour

5100 Saddle Creek Ct, Plymouth, MI | Estate Virtual


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