Project Description

Tony Van Oyen Builder, Inc. is an industry leader in constructing new energy efficient homes here in Michigan. These custom built energy efficient homes receive an energy star certificate for testing under the energy star HERS Index score. The┬áhomes actually receive an energy star sticker for the entire house – built by Tony Van Oyen Builders.

They do a lot of extra things to prevent leakage throughout the home. The blower door test-simulates a 25 mile an hour wind and measures the leakage in the house using Pascal’s – it is a measurement of how the house is leaking when under this pressure for the blower door test.

The energy rater and he comes in and proves by doing these scientific type job that when you are all done you get a house that is extra tight. This means that you don’t run your furnace and air conditioner as much, so you are keeping more energy in your house!

This means the heating / cooling company “Cappy Heating and Cooling” needs to take extra steps to make sure houses will pass this test which is why our custom duct work fits great with their homes.

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