The Story Behind the Scenes

We teamed up with the guys over at Bank of England – Mortgage Division located in West Bloomfield Michigan for the annual “Cinco De Mayo” event that was postponed to the 8th of May, 2014. ┬áThe event was soon renamed to the Ocho De Mayo event to celebrate the grand opening to their newly branded mortgage division.

It was cool to capture this event because the atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming to the networking attendees. Jessica and I had a game plan to capture the interview which was lightly scripted before with Zach and Mike from Bank of England. We had an idea of where the interview needed to be shot but have some hard light from the sun which casted a shadow on the backdrop. After positioning the camera in a few locations we decide that it would be best if the interview subject stood in-front of the window with a slight moving background “BG”.

Being able to network with professionals in the Real Estate / Mortgage Industry is a great honor. It is where we feel our niche target prospects evolve. Michigan Mortgage Video Marketing is just another area to focus and to segregate ourselves from the typical videographers. Once you get your foot in the door with this industry it is very easy to discuss future video marketing goals especially since the raise in demand for compelling digital media.