Getting people to find your business can be a major dilemma in new-era search especially if you are still using the old SEO methods of standard search keyword phrases, terms, etc..

Why? Because…. It is costly, time consuming, there is high competition and getting your site optimized is even more expensive. There is an effective method to have your services/products seen online FAST. Yes FAST, Simple and EFFECTIVE! And what is that?


Lets tell you Five Reasons why video affects people in terms of CONSUMING CONTENT.
  1. 20% of visitors will read your content but 80% will watch the same content in video.
  2. Video is six times more effective in converting a visitor into a paying customer.
  3. Video provides a deeper emotional connection.
  4. Video is interactive and social media friendly.
  5. Video is more optimized than text for smart phone viewing.

Six Reasons Why Video Marketing is IMPORTANT

  1. Video marketing is less expensive
  2. Videos posted online can easily be monitored and track
  3. Video marketing can be highly targeted
  4. Increased page views per visitor
  5. Increased time on site
  6. Lower Bounce Rate

The Most Effective Video Marketing is on YOUTUBE

Youtube is the third most visited website in the world and is the top two largest search engine in the world next to Google.
It is the largest video sharing platform, offers free video hosting that can be monitized along with 800 million unique users.

Would it not be great to get a portion out of these millions of users to direct to what you are offering especially in the local target area?

How you can Market VIDEOS through MOBILE? What is your Mobile Strategy?

Youtube can reach up to 350,000,000 mobile devices. Videos on mobile/tablets get 41% higher click through rate than text which is great for those who are selling complex products or personalized services like Real Estate.

In 2014 video is predicted to reach 90% of all web traffic. The amount of people accessing video in their mobile or tabs are getting higher and it would be one of the most effective ways for you to MARKET ONLINE. You just need, The right VIDEO, The right WORDS, And to start today!